Custom classes keeping me on my toes!

These last couple of months have been filled with custom cooking classes, as more and more people that have come to a themed class bring their friends for a unique experience together!  Each one is surprising and interesting… Read More

When the HYS after school group contacted me to be a guest cook for their “celebrity chef” program, I immediately began to think up a fun idea that would entice grade 6-8 to both cook and eat!  Growing… Read More

Christmas Turkey Cooking!

Right before Christmas I had the privilege of being interviewed on TB Newswatch, Thunder Bay’s local news channel, on how to create the perfect turkey! It was a lot of fun doing this video – albeit I was… Read More

The Crème of the Crop…

October has been packed with cooking classes celebrating our fall harvest.  As I watch the warm weather quickly slip away into the past tense and hear talk of holiday preparations, I feel especially nostalgic about these garden crops… Read More

A September Harvest Cooking Class

The second cooking class of the Seasonal Series was aptly named “A September Harvest”. I was especially excited about this menu, as I am very fond of both squash and apples! Here’s what we enjoyed: Menu: Roasted corn… Read More

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