Greens eggs and ham!

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When the HYS after school group contacted me to be a guest cook for their “celebrity chef” program, I immediately began to think up a fun idea that would entice grade 6-8 to both cook and eat!  Growing up with Dr. Seuss, and now with two kids of my own, I have practically memorized the favourite, “Green Eggs and Ham”.  I love that the main character in this book, not unlike my son Cameron, was unwilling to give this strange dish a try, until Sam annoyed him so much he would do anything to get him to go away!  And then he loved his green eggs and ham, and he would eat them in a box, and with a fox and in a house and with a mouse; here or there, or anywhere!

So, I concocted a blended egg dish that combined the power of a super food (spinach) and high protein (eggs, ham and cheese) to make a truly healthy dish for the kids to enjoy.  I was a little nervous walking into this class, as I imagined so many plates of this strange looking egg experiment going cold as the students eyed them suspiciously.  Turned out, curiosity trumps the fear a new things for a junior high student, and we all had a great time and enjoyed our eggs.

I have a feeling there may be a few budding chefs in this after school group, as I noticed a keenness in trying every part of the omelette cooking process.  I had kids practicing (very carefully of course!) proper knife handling, cracking eggs perfectly, having fun with the blender and cooking up their own fabulous omelettes to their own particular specification of ham, green onion and cheese.  It was a truly enriching experience.

If  you’d like to see the HYS after school program blog with pictures and a little video clip of my green eggs and ham demonstration, follow this link! Here are a few pics below from the day and below this is the video of making green eggs and ham! Yum!!

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