Corporate Workshops


Corporate workshops are a new (as of 2015) development for A Fine Fit! Due to popular demand, we created a cooking class that not only incorporated culinary skills and hands on learning opportunities, but also team-building activities through fun cooking challenges and team projects.

So what does a workshop consist of?

Workshops are four hours in length and are located in the beautiful and spacious industrial kitchen of Roots to Harvest, located at 450 Ft. William Rd.  All courses will be discussed and decided upon beforehand with the host.  Any particular requests within the context of each business can be discussed and an appropriate activity prepared to meet these challenges.  We will disperse technique and recipe instruction along with team-building challenges throughout the morning, finishing up with a full lunch to include all the items that were prepared in the morning.

Here is an example of what your morning might look like:

9:00 am  Welcome and introduction of the morning’s events and the kitchen space we will be working together in.  Recipe booklets handed out to guests.

9:15 am Chef demonstration of appetizer.  Groups are formed and each has a particular task to complete, all to culminate in completion of first course.  Guests enjoy a morning snack of final product!

10:00 am Chef demonstration of soup or salad course.  Knife techniques and tips are shared and guests are given opportunity to practice these techniques.  Groups will complete course to set aside for lunch.

10:30  Introduction of “Cut-throat Kitchen” challenge.  Chef demonstration and challenges are given to each team before 30 min game commences!  Final product is tested by completely objective RFDA staff and appropriate prizes are awarded.

11:30 Final chef demonstration of dessert course and group works together to complete course

12:30  Lunch (consisting of all courses!) is served and a short debrief of the morning’s activities are shared within the group.

This workshop option is custom only and will not be promoted publicly, as it is specifically designed to work with each business and create a perfect custom workshop for their particular needs!  If you think that this could work with your workplace, give me a call and let’s discuss how we can create something together.

Be prepared to move out of your comfort zone and get to know your co-workers on a new level with this challenging and inspiring workshop!

Quotes from Previous Workshops:

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