Local Suppliers


Here is a list our favourite local suppliers and some that we are excited to get to know more in the future!

Brule Creek Flour

Run by Jeff and Andrea Burke: “We grow our own cereal grains using a combination of conventional and traditional techniques. We mill the grains using heritage stone milling techniques to create a local flour with a distinct taste and texture.”

A Fine Fit uses their partially sifted and sifted flour in all of our baking, bran and buckwheat on occasion, and their new cold pressed canola oil in a wide range of our entrees.


The Squash Queen

Run by Shannon and Dan Vanlenthe, The Squash Queen is a family run operation in South Gillies, producing a variety of vegetables, as well as “operate a bedding plant greenhouse and raise pigs both as meat-for-sale and, as they grow, Nature’s best rototillers to turn up more gardens.”

A Fine Fit use a variety of squashes in soups, vegetarian dishes and in our delicious roasted vegetable lasagna.


Belluz Farms

Run by Kevin and Jodi Belluz: “We are 3rd generation farmers in the Slate River Valley focused on sustainable production of fruits and vegetables.”

A Fine Fit uses a variety of their fruits and vegetables, including a lot of summer strawberries and raspberries that I process myself for winter baking and jams for breakfast functions.


Bare Organics

Run by Karen Kerk-Courtney: “Bare Organics emerged to fill a need for high quality, truly safe and organic skin care and baby care products in the market.”

While I do use Karen’s baby products, I am especially fond of her healing balm for my kitchen-worn hands, especially in the cold and dry Thunder Bay winters!


Sleepy G Farm

Run by Brendan Grant and Marcelle Paulin: ” Sleepy G Farm produces high quality vegetables and meat in an ecological manner.  All of the animals on the farm are raised on pasture without antibiotics or hormones, and all the vegetables are grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides to produce clean, fresh, delicious food for our community.”

A Fine Fit uses a variety of their vegetables, specifically their delicious sunflower and pea shoots and micro-greens for salads and garnishes


Boreal Birch Syrup

“Since 2006, we’ve been producing delicious, healthy birch syrup from a  beautiful stand of white birch trees near Thunder Bay, Ontario.”

A Fine Fit uses their bold and savoury birch syrup in vinaigrettes and roasted vegetables


Debruins's Greenhouses

Run by Arjen and Henriet BeBruin: “Innovation and attention are the hallmarks of our fresh produce production.  We constantly research and experiment with the latest pesticide-free methods of growing for each different crop, adopting new, Nature-inspired methods in our tomato greenhouse and hydroponics gardens that prove through testing to provide superior results: beautiful produce that tastes even better than it looks.”

A Fine Fit uses their cherry and grape tomatoes for appetizers, and use their fresh herbs for a variety of delicious dishes.


Thunder Oaks Cheese Farm

“Thunder Oak Cheese Farm is the only farm in Ontario that produces Gouda cheese. This creamy Dutch cheese has long been a favourite of cheese lovers around the world. And the Schep Family has been making it in Thunder Bay since 1995. Our award winning Thunder Oak Gouda is a natural product made with fresh milk from the Schep’s own Holstein cows. There is no preservatives or added colouring in our cheese!”

We love using this cheese in breakfast frittatas, appetizers, sandwiches and is often found as a special ingredient in our cooking classes!




PotteryI am a lover of pottery, and like to use it in my event catering and especially as dinnerware for my cooking classes!  Here is a list of local artisans that I have products of and that I love to promote:


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